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Does your community wear blinders?

Communities have neglected their business climates for over a decade and are now paying the price for it.

With so many cities on the verge of bankruptcy, many have finally decided to take corrective action. The problem is, most don't know how or what to do.

Through our explorations, we've seen very common mistakes being made en masse. And few of the corrective actions are enough to support serious turnarounds.

Communities need to dig deep and become very creative if they expect to develop sustainable local economies. However, most are trying to make incremental improvements without addressing their core competitiveness issues.

Running blind is not a viable option. In times like these, the only communities that will realize success will be those who embrace hard truths and implement appropriate corrective actions.

Technomethods recommends a Competitiveness Audit and a new planning process that will deliver results. We guarantee our methodology. Contact us to learn more.




Knowledge is Power

In the increasingly complex business climate of the 21st century, competitive advantage is more crucial than ever--equally important to businesses and the communities who host them. 

In the realm of economic developoment, the staff of Technomethods recognizes the importance of planning, strategic positioning and infrastructrure leverage.

Technomethods helps clients develop and harness a competitive edge by leveraging existing assets. 

Our product matrix consists of two branches: Strategic Services and Technical Services. Strategic Services are designed to support organizational planning and resource development. Technology Services are for technology planning, deployment and utilization. 

Strategic Services (click here for details)

Economic Development
Strategic Planning
Infrastructure Development
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Technology Services (click here for details)

Technology Center Development
Media Development (scripting, storyboarding, digital video production, photography, graphic design).
Technical Writing

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